What are the characteristics of a good quality wine?


Have you ever asked yourself what the characteristics of a good quality wine are? It’s a complex question and really does depend on the wine type and of course personal opinion; there are three types of wine: light, sparkling and fullbodied. Then, we must consider the style of wine: red, white or rosé. The majority of wines that fall in to the light wine category are still, not sparkling, and tend to contain 8% to 15% of alcohol. Let’s focus on the light wine category. To taste there are several things to take in to account; whether the wine is: dry, medium or sweet; and then the body of the wine, which is the general feel of the wine in the mouth. Characteristics in wine are much like an expression of art or music: depends upon personal experience, and is very subjective. Any sensory assessment is, of course personal, so the trick is to learn to know what you like, and thus be able to define what represents “good characteristics” in your opinion. However, it’s important to note that exceptional wines emerge, or appear to emerge, when proper varieties are planted in correct climates which in turn allows the purity and characteristics of the grape variety or blend to be authentically represented. However, does any of this get us any further to answering the question simply? Here are 5-steps to take in to consideration when looking for good wine characteristics and if you are still curious after reading this article, take a look at the private wine tours we have to offer on www.planetprovence.com.

  1. Are the grapes of a good quality?
  2. Once poured, is there a heady aroma or nose?
  3. Have you checked the scores and reviews available online?
  4. Are the flavours and aromas balanced?
  5. Is the alcohol content higher than the average?

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