Discovering different trades in the winemaking business

How much is my winery worth? Should I export my wine? What about sustainable growing? A winemaker can ask himself all sorts of questions but what exactly are the different trades in the winemaking business, apart from tasting the wine, which is obviously where the most fun is. Within the wine business there are several industry sector jobs but there are also many supporting roles such as: vineyard manager, retailer, sales manager, hospitality etc. Wineries can vary in size and so can the teams that are there to support the sale and production of the estate. Typical jobs are the vineyard and viticulturist, which are reserved for nature lovers and
those who love being outside all hours. You must of course be interested in agriculture, and enjoy living away from the big smoke and in the countryside. But once you’ve got your wine stock sorted, how do you sell it? The sales man is a job for those who are passionate; know their stuff, organised and persistent. There is a lot of competition out there, so they have to explain to the buyer why their wine is the best. And finally, there are those who welcome visitors to the estate and manage guided tours, this is a job for those who enjoy a bit of acting but who are humble at the same time. If you want to start a job in the wine business, it’s worth remembering that it should start with a solid foundation of knowledge in wine. So, if you want to know more, why not book yourself on a wine tour with Planet Provence to begin your adventure, today?

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