Matching food and wine : Meats

Are you stuck as to which wines you should pair with meats ? Well look no further, the general rule would be to pair light meats with a white wine and dark meats with a heavier full-bodied red wine. It’s also worth noting that a sparkling wine can be a great option for a salmon, even if it’s smoked. Chicken or turkey can be paired with a white wine such as a sauvignon blanc or a chardonnay whereas duck or beef would pair well with medium to full bodied wines like a pinot noir or Cahors. If you are preparing a fairly simple meat dish, choose a white wine which is easy to drink such as a dry wine and even a rose wine can work well in this instance. When adding rich sauces to the meat dish it’s advisable to take only the sauce in to consideration. For example, with a steak and a creamy pepper corn sauce you should try and enhance the peppery notes with a Syrah or a cabernet sauvignon. By doing this you enhance not only the peppery notes in the wine and the sauce but also infuse your steak even further to taste. If this quick food and wine paring for meats has inspired you, why not visit our website and come to Provence and learn more about wine ?

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