Provencal specialities (wine, cheese, olive oil)

Provençal cooking can sometimes be referred to as “cuisine du soleil”, it relies heavily on the use of
olive oil, herbs, and is more often than not accompanied with a glass or even a bottle of crisp wine.
For those coming to Provence on holiday, dining will always feel more like a discovery than a typical
meal because the region has so many breath-taking choices available.
You can find and taste the best and most authentic olive oils in Provence and even visit traditional
olive groves with sometimes up to 200 to 250 olive trees per hectare. Most local production is
organic but it’s always best to check before buying.
What’s interesting to learn is that in this region the Goat I the Queen and there isn’t actually any
cow’s milk available locally. So, the Alpine goat is the queen and there are several dairies you can
visit that are artisanal. Such dairies produce fresh, semi-dry or dry goat cheeses. Sometimes you can
buy the French tapenade stuffed with goats cheese and lightly sprinkled with olive oil. There’s one to
set your taste buds alight.
And what’s could be better with a goats cheese tart than a nice fresh crisp glass of Rosé from
Provence. A Rosé wine pairs perfectly with goats cheese and bridges the gap between white and red
perfectly. It’s mouth-watering flavours of citrus, exotic and, red fruits as well as luxurious floral notes
make Rosé a perfect choice for any occasion.

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