Matching food and wine : Cheese

A cheese slate and a bottle of wine, what more could you want after a busy week at work… But should you choose the wine first or the cheese? In reality, it doesn’t really matter, just as long as you pair one with the other. The complexity of the task is often due to the fact that there is so much choice to consider whether it is the cheese: hard, soft, blue, goats etc… and even melted cheese or the wine: sweet, oaky, smoky, dry, medium-dry. Once you have chosen your cheese, you can then start to think about which wine works best with the flavours and textures of the cheeses you have chosen. Generally people enjoy pairing a rich red with cheese and that’s usually fine – however do bear in mind that there are some cheeses, that taste better with a white wine or dessert wine so don’t be afraid to experiment. Soft mild cheeses tend to work well with a light pinot grigio, whereas heavier cheeses such as brie or camembert usually match well with pinot noir. Most hard cheeses tend to pair well with cabernet sauvignon blends and sometimes if the cheese is buttery, such as cheddar for example, it can pair well with a glass of chardonnay. If you want a solid reference that will never let you down however, it’s worth noting that red wines from the Rhône and the south are usually always a good all-rounder with a French cheeseboard. If wine tasting and cheese boards are your thing and you want to find out more about Provence, why not book a wine tour or excursion with Planet Provence ?

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