The best wine apps for 2019 !

Mobile apps are handy when it comes to wine because they are a great way to enable the public to educate themselves. They can help you decipher which wine to choose, record your tasting experiences, find expert ratings, pick the best vintage and maybe even get the best bang for your buck. They are also useful because these days you rarely leave the house without your telephone so you will always have it to hand ready to scan that precious bottle of wine. There are plenty of apps available and the most popular ones tend to be those that let you track the wines you have tasted and post reviews. One that springs to mind is Vivino, this app is considered to be the best wine label- scanning application for smartphones, with the largest worldwide community (over 34 million users). Another great feature of this app is that it provides you with supplementary information concerning regions, wine and food pairings, and grape varieties. Often such apps are free, however when you up the game there is often a price to be paid… VinoCellar is an app that allows you to manage your wine cellar, so strictly speaking for those who are budding wine connoisseurs and have their own cellar, would be most interested by this app. The app retails at just under 10€ depending on your country of download.  Its top features are its possibility to list the following descriptors: name, country, region,
appellation, maturity and colour etc. which in turn enables you to note and follow your bottles from the input to the output of the cellar. And finally, a much simpler application for those looking for some fun would be Delectable; this app allows you to scan a bottle of wine and know more about it, all you have to do is scan the label and the app will reveal all the facts and details.

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