What is Coravin ?

Basically this system lets you pour your wine without even opening the bottle and is essentially a wine preservation system. So what’s important to remember here is that the cork stays in the bottle and will never come out. But how do you extract the wine? The Coravin inserts a needle through the cork and as cork is a natural material it shrinks back into itself meaning that it’s sealed again. You can
try and peer at the cork afterwards, however you won’t be able to notice the tiny pierced mark. A Coravin isn’t cheap and retails at about 200$, with needle replacements needed every 500-1000. But what is exactly all the fuss about? As stated above it really is the element of preservation, because when you open a bottle of wine, whether you’re a wine connoisseurs or not; and push the cork back
in and few days later open it again, you will notice the change in flavor. The wine simply tastes different, flat maybe or even flavorless. The change in aroma is due to the amount of oxygen that seeps in to the wine which essentially does sap some of the flavor. So fundamentally, the Coravin saves you from wasting good wine and for avid wine tasters the Coravin really is the Holy Grail for locking in the potential flavors in order to savor every single sip. If you want to know more about Coravin and wine in general; why not contact Planet Provence and organize your wine tour for this summer?

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