Below Planet Provence has listed 5 accessories that every wine lover should own, whether you are a budding connoisseur or just someone who enjoys an occasional glass of wine every now and then.

  1. A good wine app
  2. Cork screw
  3. Ice bucket
  4. Wine preserver
  5. Champagne stopper

These items are important for anyone wanting to enjoy a glass or a bottle of wine in the comfort of their own home and have even been listed in order of priority! To start off with we think that a good wine application for your mobile phone is an absolute must, the app will help you discover what you like and don’t like meaning that the bottle you end up buying will suit your taste, you can also keep track of your purchases. Secondly, a cork screw… You will be disappointed if you can’t open and taste your bottle of wine. Thirdly, an ice bucket. It may seem not as important but if you are drinking a fresh, crisp Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc it’s always better to keep it cool ready for the next glass especially if you live somewhere warm. Coming in fourth is the wine preserver, this is a great purchase for those who start a bottle but don’t get time to finish it, we imagine this doesn’t happen often. The wine preserver enables you to suck out the excess air and in turn your wine will last a few days longer than usual. Of course we saved the best until last: the champagne stopper, in order to keep those bubbles bouncing, it’s an absolute must !