Myths and facts about Rosé wine

Everyone has something to say about Rosé wine whether it is positive or negative! Rosé or as the Anglophones like to say: Pink-wine; comes is various shades of pink from clear rose petal to deep salmon and can come from all corners of the world: France, California and New Zealand. It’s worth busting the common myths about this shade of wine because with every harvest comes a hidden treasure.

Often the general consensus is that a Rosé wine is easy to choose because you can go by the colour tones. As a standard; the lighter the wine the drier it tends to be whereas the darker rosé is normally sweeter. But is this even true? The truth is, colour and wine don’t always correlate and a richer colour just means that the wine has been in contact with more grape skin or grapes from a thickly-skinned variety, which in turn makes them fuller-bodied, but most of the time, this does not make the wines sweeter.

Another common myth is that Rosé wine doesn’t age however this isn’t the case. Rosé won’t go off after one year in your wine cellar, and well-crafted ones can even get better with age. Rosé wines are full of complexity and if you are looking for a Rosé wine to keep why not try a blend of Grenache with the local Tibouren grapes varieties from Provence.

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