Matching food and wine: Fish

Have you ever come unstuck when pairing fish with your wine? Beyond just the choice of fish, what’s really important is the fish preparation affects so it’s always best to take in to account how the fish has been cooked, so for example is the fish: grilled, smoked, raw, with a sauce or perhaps you’ve chosen a seafood platter.

Once you’ve taken this aspect in to consideration the wine will be a lot easier to choose simply because various cooking methods can liven up the fish enhancing its tastes. As a general rule you would often want to choose a white wine to accompany a fish dish, by applying this rule you can generally never go wrong. For example: matching a zesty white fish with a sauvignon blanc or to complement a grilled fish choose a chardonnay. If you are eating a seafood platter the iodine can make it difficult to choose a wine but try and choose something with a mineral base like a Pouilly Fumé. However, when the fish is served with a sauce you may want to consider discovering a full-bodied red (Pinot Noir) or a rosé (Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault). What’s also good to remember is that you can spoil your fish dish by choosing red wines due to the fact that they contain higher levels of tannin which interfere with the fish oils on your palate. In most cases this can leave a metallic aftertaste in your mouth. All this being said, it’s always great to remember that food and wine pairing is subjective, so if you enjoy a tannic red with your fish then why not? If you’re keen on learning more about wine pairing with various foods, why not get in touch with Planet Provence? Find out more online here:

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