Matching food and wine : Foie gras, caviar

Foie Gras and Caviar are of course a luxury, so in order to taste and enjoy these fine delicacies at their best it’s more than often advised indulge yourself with a premium wine. The easiest and most obvious answer would be to accompany these elegant foods with champagne, because it’s the perfect match for a exclusive occasion. However if you’re not a fan of bubbles there are plenty of other luxury alternatives to stimulate your taste buds. Often due to the cost of Caviar, it’s often seen side by side with oysters or smoked salmon. Which in turn means that a fresh Sauvignon Blanc from the Southern region of France would work well and would also accentuate the delicate texture of the eggs. With Fois Gras, it’s always best to choose a sweet wine however not everyone wants to start their meal this way. You can choose between Monbazillac or Sauternes wines which usually always go well with cold Fois Gras and crusty bread. When the Fois-Gras is hot a nice Viognier white from the Côte du Rhône is ideal and try and make sure the wine is golden in colour. If you are eager to learn more about wine and food pairing, why not book a wine tour with Planet Provence? With Planet Provence you have full access to a private guide so you ask all the questions you want… to find out more visit the website :

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