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What is your favorite field?

Strangely enough, this is a place I have only been to once. It’s a small estate that has a vintage that surprises me, a 100% Syrah! I am talking about the Château de L’Ou based on the Catalan coasts in Roussillon, a great favourite.


What is your favourite region?

Of course, there are very good things everywhere, but my heart goes to Provence the most beautiful region of all.


What is your favorite Wine tour?

They all have an originality, but what will make a good wine tour is the quality of the customers who accompany me, if they are interested and nice this is what will allow us to spend a good day all together by sharing moments of conviviality. However, if I really had to choose one in particular, I would tell you Aix-en-Provence for the rosé, white or red: Châteauneuf du pape either red or white and Bandol for the red.

Which wine would you choose for this year’s Christmas dinner?

I would choose Châteauneuf du Pape Domaine Mayard- Le Crau de ma mère cuvée 2016 as well as Domaine Richeaume Columelle cuvée 2016 !

 If you had to define Planet Provence in three words, which one would they be?

I wouldn’t say 3 but 4: Discovery; Pleasure; Conviviality; Sharing. We are here to have a good time together in a fun atmosphere, no need to worry about it!

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