3 tips to prepare your wine for the New Year

Given that almost everyone does a “dry January”, there’s a fair chance that you’ll want to really prepare and enjoy your wine on New Year’s Eve. It’s not obligatory to participate in “dry January” however due to the festive season being filled with plenty of good food and wine most people enjoy the challenge. But before all this, what about the wine you are going to serve for New Year’s Eve? 

Tip 1: Think about the food you will be serving.

It’s important to accompany your food for New Year’s Eve, whether it is a buffet style or a sit down meal, with several bottles of well chosen wines. It’s a great conversation starter, perhaps if there are people around the table who don’t know one another and, it can send people on a journey for the evening as they discover the wonders of a new wine

Tip 2: Think about who you are inviting. 

Depending on whom you invite can massively change the wine plans. Certain people prefer wines from their region and others enjoy discovering new wines. Often there is the battle between the red and white wine, so why not propose one of each? 

Tip 3: Don’t forget tradition… 

And last but not least, let’s not forget that the tradition is to bring in the New Year with glass of bubbly in order to propose a toast

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