Discover the art of wine tasting

When the waiter asks “who is going to taste the wine?” it can sometimes be daunting if your friend points at you… Often you are selected because you enjoy wine and have an opinion about what you like but more often than not you don’t really know anything about the actual art of tasting and it can be quite embarrassing. So here are three tips on how to enjoy and appreciate the art of wine tasting, not matter the circumstance. 

  1.  Appreciate and listen to your senses 
    1. Tasting wine is all about discovering new senses. It’s a sensorial experience and your eyes, nose and taste buds all need to be taken in to consideration.  What does the wine look like? What does it smell like? And not forgetting what does it taste like?
  2. The right conditions 
    1. Making sure you are in an odourless, well-lit room (not in the kitchen whilst cooking a roast for example) will enable you to discover and appreciate your senses. If this isn’t possible, then make sure you really use your sense of smell to decipher the notes and flavours of the wine. 
  3. The right glassware 
    1. A tulip shaped glass is often the best and will allow you to enter in to the heart of the subject. 

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