Here is a surprise ! Fast and curious by Planet Provence

Bordeaux or Aix-En-Provence?

Aix-en-Provence because the weather is fine! There is an incredible diversity of wines, the landscapes are splendid, and it is a great place to live.

Bouillabaisse or Daube?

Daube, because I like the bouillabaisse but it but it’s not my favorite dish, whereas a good Daube with a glass of red wine is delicious!

Tapenade or Aioli?

You’re being hard on me! I’ll take Aioli because it tastes better!

Calanques or Luberon?

The creeks are simply magical, and you can explore it on foot by bike as well as by boat. In addition to that we really the feeling of a total change of scenery…and then this turquoise water.

Rosé or Red?

Rosé because with a gastronomic rosé you can drink it all year round while a glass of red wine huh is difficult to swallow when it is hot, for example.

Wine or Champagne?

Champagne as an aperitif to awaken the taste buds then wine !

Beijing or New York?

New York. I really like the electric atmosphere of the city. There are too many people for me in Beijing although I’ve never been there, it has to move but not too much or I feel oppressed.

Lavender or Pine?

I would say pine. I love the smell of resin when it is hot although I like lavender, but it remains much more seasonal


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