Which vineyards in France produce the most organic wine?

Organic, natural and trendy… Organic anything is clearly the future and France has got off on the right foot as they are already ranked 3rd in the world for their production of organic wines. But where exactly in the hexagon can you source good organic wine? What is interesting is that you can actually be sure of the quality of French organic wine wherever you buy it from as long as it is certified and labeled “organic” because France took an early jump on to the organic bandwagon, and created AFAB – the French Association for Organic Farming – back in 1962. This basically means that certified organic French vineyards are well advanced and understand that in order to be organically certified with an organic label or AB as they say in French (Agriculture Biologique), pesticides, fertilisers and GMOs are not permitted. Whereas anything natural and of course organic fertilisers and cover planting are actively promoted in order to protect the soils from erosion. This clearly guarantees the quality for the buyer meaning that they just need to look for the organic certification on the bottle of wine. A keen producer who converted to 100% organic production in 2000 is: Vignobles Raymond, Bordeaux. They are well-known in France for their sustainable movement and for producing the Best French Organic Wines. If you are keen to find out more about organic wine why not organize a tour with Planet Provence

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