Delight your taste buds by accompanying your sushi with a glass or a bottle of wine … Oh yes, it really is possible. You just have to remember that amongst your sushi there are obviously plenty of flavours to take in to consideration some will be mild, some sweet and others perhaps very strong… depending on how much soy sauce or wasabi you like to add. There will also be a mix of raw and cooked fish and these all need to be thought about before choosing your bottle of wine. However, with all this in mind you don’t want to spend too much time worrying about the right pairing otherwise you might lose faith if you trip up so here are some great classics that match with most sushi and that certainly won’t let you down. A sparkling wine is always a wise choice because it cleanses the palette and allows the flavours to shine through without overpowering them. If you’re more fan of a bottle of red then a young burgundy usually earns its place on the podium due to its soft notes. If you want an easy match to remember then think pink and salmon … and of course rosé from Provence would be ideal. If you want to learn more about food and wine pairing find out more at