It’s easy to fall in to the trap and we’ve all done it before, Planet Provence shares with you 4 of the most common wine myths busted.

1. Screwcap equals cheap wine
a. Screwcaps are becoming more and more accepted, especially in New World countries (Australia and New Zealand). They are accepted because they are easy to store and do tend to cause fewer faults in the wine. So don’t automatically think screwcap / cheap.
2. Wine gets better with age
a. Not all wines can be kept to age. Wines that can be kept are exceptionally high quality wines with high levels of tannins as this is what helps to preserve the wine. Most wines should be drunk within two years of it being bottled, so watch out.
3. Putting a spoon in your champagne bottle will help keep it fresh
a. It just doesn’t work. The only way to keep your champagne fizzy is to buy a good quality sparkling wine stopper.
4. Don’t chill red wines
a. Red wines should be served at room temperature (13°C to 18°C) so if you are in the South of France during the Summer you may want to think about putting your red wine in the fridge in order to get it down to the right temperature.

Are you surprised ? 🙂