If you love drinking wine, talking about wine, tasting wine and sharing general wine experiences then reading books about wine must be up your street! PlanetProvence has compiled a list of the best books about wine for when you’re at home or out and about and needing that moment of thirst-inducing excitement.
1. The World Atlas of Wine By Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson
2. Wine Simple: A Totally Approachable Guide from a World-Class Sommelier By Aldo Sohm with Christine Muhlke
• This book is great for those who prefer a visual approach to reading and is full of infographics and illustrations but also strong opinions to guide you on your journey. This user-friendly approach is aimed to inspire readers to have the confidence, curiosity, and interest to drink boldly and share wine stories.The guide begins with the essentials of wine, winemaking regions, how to taste, when to save and when to splurge, and how to set up a wine tasting at home.
3. The Wine Bible By Karen MacNeil
• It has been quoted that ‘if you want to be wine-savvy on a global scale, this book is a must”. , The author is an American author, journalist, wine educator and consultant. This book is meant to be fun, educational as well as being authoritative and is an essential addition for wine-lovers at any stage of their education.
4. Understanding Wine Technology By David Bird
• David Bird is a chemist and discusses emerging technologies that may come in handy for winemakers. You should read this book if you are curious about winemaking and new technologies.