Most wine enthusiasts tend to enjoy a good podcast to accompany you on a long journey and it’s a great idea if you have some spare time on your hands and enjoy the subject. Many podcasts can take you on a tantalizing trip into the wonders of wine. Be careful not to lose concentration at the wheel however…!

1. UK wine show with Chris Scott

a. If you’re looking for something unique and are already quite the wine connoisseur in France, then this podcast is for you. It’s all about the UK wine scene and will take you on a journey full of passion and taste.

2. Guild of Sommeliers

a. A more of a classical approach podcast and covers topics such as managing a vineyard and finding your niche. Those following the WSET certification may find this podcast very useful.

3. Wine for normal people

a. A podcast that is what it says on the tin: for those who enjoy a glass or a bottle of wine and are curious to learn more. There is even a book available on Amazon for those who prefer reading.

With each podcast, emerging trends are explored and provide the listener with an insight to to the passionate craft of wine. And don’t forget, if you are not too keen on podcasts and would rather have a face-to-face guided visit then why not contact PlanetProvence and book a private wine tour? This way you can ask as many questions as you like rather than searching on Google …