What’s exciting about the wines of Provence is their great diversity. There are plenty of different appellations in this region that produce very different wines. They are also grown upon various magnificent landscapes. 

9 well-known appellations from Provence: 

  • Bandol (A.O.P)
  • Bellet (A.O.P)
  • Cassis (A.O.P)
  • Palette (A.O.P)
  • Les Baux de Provence (A.O.P)
  • Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence (A.O.P)
  • Coteaux varois en Provence (A.O.P)
  • Côte de Provence (A.O.P)
  • Pierrevert (A.O.P)

The Queen of the region is of course the Rosé de Provence, with its dry and fruity flavours it has known how to seduce wine lovers locally and internationally mainly because it is ideally suited to the intense flavours of Mediterranean cuisine. In Southern Provence there is the Cassis nutty white wine and the Bandol luxury reds which provide us with a taste of the local garrigue (wild, herby scrubland). Wines from Cassis and Bandol are produced in extremely small quantities so booking a wine tour in Provence is often the key for a tasting session. What’s interesting is that wines from Northern Provence (Ventoux, Luberon appellations) which are essentially part of the Provence-Alpes-Côtes d’Azur region but are as a matter of fact managed as part of the Rhône. But let’s not forget, wherever the wine is managed it is always savoured with all the senses. And is always coupled with the most beautiful regions in France!