First of all we recommend a good discussion all about the wine you are drinking. We think the best way to understand what we like is to share our experience. So don’t hesitate to discuss with your friends and family during a gathering. Most people tend to just take a sip and say whether they like it or not and then the conversation moves on. However in order to train your palate and to better understand which flavours you actually like a good discussion can really help. You’ll find that everyone will taste something different: cherry, chocolate and so forth; some however won’t have a clue and it can actually be rather amusing. Secondly, once you’ve found a bottle you like try remembering the grape and the region and keep buying something from that area. You can always Google what you’ve tried and keep a wine diary, it’s handy to keep a written reference because it can be quite confusing for beginners and even for connoisseurs as a matter of fact; discussing wine is a very complex task. If you want to learn more and try before you buy, then why not book a wine tour with Planet Provence? You can visit some of the most well known vineyards in the South of France and try before you buy. What a great way to discover your palette and the wines you enjoy!