PlanetProvence is managed and owned by Brice de Monplanet who first fell in love with the Provence region in 1981. Luckily Brice’s parents were fond of the finer things in life and they introduced him to the vast culture of French food and wine from an early age, meaning that it was an obvious choice later on in life for Brice to go and study oenology in Montpellier at the Ludivinum school.  His passion and enthusiasm means that today, PlanetProvence benefits from a highly trained leader who is indisputably interested in what he sells. So if you are looking for prestigious wine tours or excursions that are unique and welcoming PlanetProvence is the right choice for you.  

PlanetProvence offers classic or prestigious wine tours, customised trips (2 – 7 days) and to top it all off shore excursions. All of these trips can be tailored to suit your needs meaning that every detail is taken in to consideration. 

So whether your celebrating a birthday, a special moment with a loved one or you’re just curious to know more about the Provence region then why not get in touch and see what PlanetProvence can offer for you. 

PlanetProvence offers tours and excursions that are: Welcoming ; Unique ; Educational  ; Fun