Buying presents for birthdays can sometimes be daunting however, when you know they’re an avid oenophile it can make things much easier. Here at Planet Provence we’d like to share with you our top 5 ideas for a wine lover’s birthday. We’ve tried to think of all budgets and the top 5 are in no particular order. . . 

  1. An Essential Guide to Wine by Wine Folly. This book is a must have coffee table book that is packed with hints and tips all about wine. It is well suited for any enthusiast, whether they are an amateur or a connoisseur. 
  2. A portable wine glass. A cheap and cheerful gift that can be sure to excite every wine lover, as we all know during a picnic, drinking wine out of a beaker is never quite the same. 
  3. A Coravin. This innovative advice let’s you pour a glass of wine without even cracking the bottle open … think of the fun. 
  4. A design wine decanter. Something to impress the dinner guests with! 
  5. A corkscrew. There is nothing quite so satisfying as hearing a bottle of wine open. That moment when the screw enters the cork and pop, the wine is ready to be served. 

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