Rosé wine is indeed a hidden Provence secret which has definitely become more and more fashionable over the years.

Its delicate aromas and pastel shades make it appealing for a chilled aperitif or even to accompany a main meal.

But what is it actually made of?

If you ask around, most people tend to say literally a mix of red and white wine or white grapes with some added fruit juice. However, in reality it’s made from red grapes it’s as simple as that and mostly Cinsault, Syrah and Grenache. So how, you may be asking yourself, does Rosé wine get its beautiful blush color? There are several processes (maceration, saignée or blending) but the most common is by maceration, which is basically leaving everything to ferment and the longer the maceration process the more tannic a rosé wine tends to be and in turn the darker the wine will turn out. Meaning that blush rosé is left for a much shorter maceration process.
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