Finally summer is here and we can forget about winter or at least for a little while anyway, and the time has come to savour long summer nights with a glass of crisp rosé, white or even red wine.

White wine is a great classic and you should try and look for something high in acidity and dry. This way you can enjoy those summer seafood platters because most white wines tend to have a great bite to them. Another option is to think about making a spritzer or chilled red wine. A spritzer is a super summer option and tends to please those who prefer cocktails.  Red wine tends to get forgotten however a great light red can be just what you need after a day at work, try to choose something not to full-bodied or tannic and always serve chilled.

However the Queen of the long summer nights has to be the rosé. Its crisp fruitiness really does please almost everyone. Try to remember that fruity doesn’t always mean sweet so try to ask before you buy just to be on the safe side. Rosé wines from Provence are fruity, acidic and refreshing and thus perfect for sipping during summer.

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