Creating a party-perfect appetizer or a simple stay at home with a glass of wine “aperitif” is always a treat and looking for new ways to excite your guests or your taste buds is never a dull moment. However, sometimes ideas don’t come that easily and we all need a little inspiration.

Planet Provence would always advise looking at the weather and thinking about what tickles your fancy. If it’s a cool summer evening then pairing rosé with olives, garlic and anchovies are a delicious and simple start. If you are looking for something slightly heavier than a pissaladière, a Provencal favourite will go down a treat.

If you want to be a little bit more inventive then why not try serving a mix of red, white and rosé wine with a variety of different finger foods and do a wine tasting session. That way you can enjoy your appetizer and see which foods you prefer with each wine. For this type of activity, olives, marinated garlic, salmon, cured meats, bread sticks and so forth can all be served on the tasting platter.

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