1. Check the color

Darker rosés tend to be richer whereas a paler rose petal rosé is known for its fruity acidic taste.

  1. Choose your rosé from a trusted region

Anyone can make wine, we all know that, but if you want to choose a rosé with class try and choose rosé from a trusted region. Provence started the pink wine craze and is known for its quality. Its wine is delightfully fruity, crisp and full of minerality.

  1. Understand when a rosé will be sweet

Rosé wines with less than 11% of alcohol tend to be sweeter, that’s a fact. So be careful when you’re buying and always check. It would be a shame to choose something sweet if you prefer a dry, crisp rosé and remember that fruity doesn’t necessarily mean sweet. Planet Provence advises asking for advice if you are unsure before you buy just to be on the safe side.

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