Who said you can’t enjoy a glass of wine with a salad?

Today, salads are elaborate, interesting and full of flavours so why deprive yourself of a glass of wine! As with all food and wine pairing it’s crucial to look at what the salad is composed of. Obviously you wouldn’t want to have a full-bodied, oaky red wine with a mixed salad because that just clearly wouldn’t work. The pairing has to be synonymous; each half of the partnership has to be equal.

What’s great is that a mixed salad is generally always served in summer and includes ingredients that have a natural affinity to wine: olives, cheese, eggs, herbs and so forth. So finding a wine that is light to medium bodied will create the link and make the combination work. Remember, that pairing a mixed salad and wine is not rocket science. Enjoy, experiment and have fun, that’s what it’s all about.

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