When booking a wine tour you automatically think of wine tasting, vineyards, grapes, wine glasses, full or light bodied, red, white or rosé and so forth but have you ever thought of French culture and history?  It’s definitely an element that tourists tend to forget however when you think about it, it goes without saying that wine tasting and french culture really are synonymous.


What springs to mind when we pair wine tasting with culture is the discovery of new ideas, local traditions, true local flavours, architecture…  The list is simply endless.


For example: did you know that the Romans discovered Provence and called it Provincia Romana and that until 1482 it was ruled by the Counts of Provence from the capital in Aix-en-Provence?


Provence is oozing with history and has been part of France for over five hundred years, and still to this day, maintains its distinct, traditional landscape features. With the ideal climate for tourists coming from all over the world and wine growing it’s no wonder that every year eager travellers choose to visit the region.


Provence, in general, is renowned for its culture, wine and sun. With fine rosé wines, and white wines from Cassis and red wines from Bandol you really can get to discover everything when completing a wine tour.  Generally, most famous wineries overlook beautiful terraced vineyards and if you’re lucky, even the Mediterranean Sea or the Sainte Victoire mountain. The tastings almost always enable you to visit the grounds and the processing section and almost always end with more jaw-dropping views.


So don’t forget, you won’t only discover wines as you explore the world of Provence. You will be taking in stunning landscapes, the beauty of France’s heritage, matched with its natural resources.  Whilst going from one state to the next you may even drive through medieval villages and learn about local traditions.

Learning about the trade that fuels France’s passion: Wine!, is an intimate and enjoyable journey taking you through time so if you want to taste well-known or unsung wine, discover French culture and history then why not book a wine tour with PlanetProvence?


Take a walk off the beaten Provence track and discover what’s hiding round the corner. Our quintessentially French, anglophone guides will be delighted to share the hidden secrets of Provence and you can even discover Provence wine tours and unique excursions by bike, car, boat or plane! So what are you waiting for? There really is something for everyone. To find out more and to go on a culturally rich, gastronomically sensational journey to the heart of France’s wine country please visit: www.planetprovence.com or email us directly: contact@planetprovence.com.