Team building is an essential pillar to encouraging and fostering collaboration. It’s a necessity when it comes down to motivation, creativity, confidence and even mental health. During these difficult times mental health is more than ever an important issue within companies and many are suffering from the remote working environment and are eager to get back to the office to see their colleagues.

There are plenty of activities out there to choose from and many tend to go for the escape game tradition, scavenger hunts or garden party games.  However these tend to mean building two or even three teams depending on the size of the group meaning that you only get to mix with one half of the team.

One activity that businesses tend to forget is wine tasting and there is nothing more creative than the French tradition of winemaking to boost your colleagues’ motivation.

There are several activities that can be prepared such as:

  • Wine tasting (including local grape juice for those who don’t drink)
  • Quiz about the history of the domains
  • A tour of the estate
  • Make your own blend of wine
  • Market your own wine label (branding and marketing focussed)
  • And the list goes on…

With Planet Provence you can choose to build your own personalised day for your team and the activities will all suit your timetable with varying durations from 1 hour to 3 hours to full days. Team Building is always at the heart of our tailor-made seminars to guarantee fun and motivation and all our tours are led by bilingual entertainers who are there to guide and encourage the teams if they get stuck on the way.

Planet Provence has a unique track record of providing luxury wine tours in the South of France that go from Avignon all the way to Monaco and was created by Brice de Monplanet, an avid wine connoisseur and native Frenchman.  He strives to provide the most prestigious service and the best of Provence to all his clients sharing the secrets of the region.

So business, why not get in touch with Planet Provence today to find out how you can book a tailor-made team-building session today? Your team-building day with Planet Provence could just be what your staff need to rekindle after lockdown. Contact us today on: