This week PlanetProvence will be talking about a project launched by Marie-Ève LACASSE, a French journalist and author along with Laurent Le Coustumer, a philosopher, musician and an avid oenophile.

Together they have launched a crowdfund to raise money in order to launch their very own podcast series called “Filles de Vignes” literally “Girls of the Vineyards”. The series will consist of 10 episodes that last for 10 minutes. They launched the first two self-made episodes that can be found online via the links below:

1. The Richaud estate. Claire Richaud and the “shadow women”

2. Nathalie Lefort and her high quality “plain” vinegars

Here at Planet Provence we think it’s wonderful to share the talents of the hidden ladies of the industry, and you’re probably already chomping at the bit wanting to know more about this project…

According to the project leaders and the facts, 40% of women who work in the wine industry are totally invisible and they deem the industry to be dominated by the masculine sex. The aim of this podcast series is to therefore put these ladies in the spotlight. The profiles of these ladies can vary but whether they be, journalist, sommelier, teacher, assistant or Œnologue… they want to share the work of these discrete individuals that are essentially, shaping the wine industry ready for future generations. And who better to launch such a podcast series than Laurent Le Coustumer himself, who combined his love for wine by creating, with Thierry Poincin, RadioVino: a radio accessible on the internet along with podcasts that focus on natural wine and its industry. Thierry proudly holds the WSET3 diploma, is highly trained in his area of expertise and gives wine workshops in Paris.

So where are they? And who are they? “Filles de Vignes”: is going to give us all the answers! The episodes will be broadcasted on Radiovino and on the main podcast platforms (Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, etc.).

Below are some of the upcoming topics imagined by the project leaders:

The sommelier: Laura Vidal (Marseille)
The peasant woman: Hélène Thibon (Saint-Marcel-d’Ardèche)
The academic: Laure Ménétrier (Épernay)
The winegrowers from mother to daughter: Catherine and France Breton (Restigné)
The oenophile leaders: Marie Laroche & Lucie Bichelberger (Paris)
The activist editor: Anne Zunino (Paris)
to be confirmed: wine merchants, loving winegrowers, solo winegrowers …

As you can see this is not a regional project but moreover a national project, indeed, the idea is to share the love of wine and the ladies of the vineyards all over the hexagone. For the moment they have raised enough money to fund the project and their aim would be to to go even further and push the limit removing all barriers, if you want to download the press kit and photos please click on this link (website in French):