Are you one of those people who loves wine from Bordeaux and didn’t realise that you could even buy French wine from anywhere else in the world? 

Well let me tell you otherwise! 

Wines from Provence have been around for more than 2000 years and are today, becoming more and more well known. Traditionally wines from the Provence region were spicy reds, which accounted for at least 60% of local production however recently Rosé wines have taken the lead with almost 75% of its local production now being Rosé. As Provence’s winemakers have made huge advancements in rosé vinification innovation; Rosé from the Provence region really is gaining popularity all over the world. Provence’s winemakers are producing Rosé that is dry, light, fruity and pale pink which is appealing and delicate for pretty much any type of occasion and that’s the beauty of it. 

In fact, Provence wines are pretty much taking over the wine scene with major grape varieties including: Grenache, Cinsaut, Mourvèdre, and Cabernet Sauvignon. These powerful, yet delicate varieties are typical to the region and a client once said to me, “once you’ve had a taste you simply can’t look back”. They then went on to say that due to Provence’s weather, countryside, tradition, wine, food, and so forth they may literally have to give up everything and move to France: Provence of course.  

Provence and its wines really are synonymous to ‘savoir-faire’ and beauty, their intricate blends mean that there is plenty to discover upon opening each bottle and as if this wasn’t enough… Let’s not forget the white wine from Provence. Some of the grape varieties include: Ugni Blanc, Rolle, Semillon and Clairette and the majority of these white wines are found in Cassis. It’s rather unique to try white wine from Provence and is definitely worth a taste. The dry subtle blends coupled with its unique location makes it a darling to taste and savour. 

So what is there to remember about Provence wines: 

  • The brisk mistral wine coupled with the warm summers make it an ideal climate to ripen grapes 
  • Rosé production has now overtaken red wine production in the region 
  • Provence white winemakers are mostly in Cassis

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