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Friends of the hotel industry, why not offer your customers wine-related activities?  | Planet Provence - Private Wine Tours

Some of the headlines this year have been brutal for the hotel industry: Survival of the fittest, Making the most of a bad year, Just how can hotels survive? 

So, let’s not forget that if you’re in the hotel industry, your primary business is to serve others. Your hotel’s profitability directly relates to the guest experience and customer service you provide and this experience starts as soon as people search online. Good customer service is key to success for hotels and providing memorable experiences has never been more crucial. 

This year due to the pandemic we’ve seen almost all events cancelled and the industry has suffered like most industries throughout 2020.  With that in mind and with better times to come in the near future, what are hotels doing to encourage visitors to visit their region? 

Here at Planet Provence we think offering your customers wine-related activities could be just what your customers need. Sharing the best of the region by offering tailor-made wine experiences with a key partner in the Provence region could just be that remarkable, memorable moment that your guests need to make their stay unique. 

Making a trip memorable is exactly what everyone wants once they book their dream stay in a hotel and by offering exclusive wine tours, what could be a better way of standing out from the crowd? During such a crisis the hotel industry needs to propose new and innovative ways to stimulate its guests and such efforts could be exactly what the industry needs in order to decrease the hit of the coronavirus and thus the damage. 

PlanetProvence provides English spoken wine tours in the South of France that go from Avignon all the way to Monaco. PlanetProvence was created by Brice de Monplanet, an avid wine connoisseur and native Frenchman.  He strives to offer the best of Provence to all his clients sharing the secrets of the region which include its aromas, colours and Provincial traditions. His office is located in the heart of Aix-en-Provence and all the wine that is tasted on the visits can be bought and shipped worldwide meaning that once the holiday is over his clients can relive the experience in the comfort of their own home. Making memories is at the heart of what Brice de Monplanet offers coupled with knowledge and savoir-faire. 

So hoteliers, why not get in touch with PlanetProvence today to find out how you can become a partner and offer prestigious wine tours to your guests? Get ready to bounce back and contact us today on: