It’s true that the French really do know how to celebrate and with Christmas just around the corner and you’re probably thinking about organising your festivities: food, gifts, decorations etc. but also your wine. Perhaps you want a French flare on your table this year? However with so many different varieties to choose from it can be a tough and daunting task but luckily, Planet Provence have come up with five tips in order to help you choose the best wines from Provence that will go best with your festive celebrations.

  • Think about those invited
  • You may think and even prefer a glass of white with the chosen joint of meat, but don’t forget that not everyone wants a crisp white grape (Rolle, Ugni Blanc, Clairette…).
  • Remember there are endless choices
  • The general rule of thumb for Provence wines is Rosé. However this is not true, Provence reds can be just as tempting and will warm up the party instantly. Red varieties include: Grenache, Cinsaut and Mourvèdre, and Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Think about wine tasting
  • It’s not tradition but why not introduce it? Buying several different wines from Provence can be an exciting way to discover new wines and encourage the festive spirit. Creating wine tasting cards can be fun too and it’s a great way to kick start any party.
  • Treat yourself

Even though we did advise thinking about those invited, don’t forget to think about yourself too. If there is something that you particularly enjoy, then make sure you add it to your list. There is nothing better than a sip of your favourite nectar during the festive season.

And finally, if you really don’t know what to buy, you should choose a reputable e-commerce website such as Discoverwine ( Discoverwine only sells the most reputable wines from Provence and other regions, direct from the suppliers. The advantages of using a well-known website is that the brand guarantees the quality of the chosen wine you will be serving for your festive celebrations. The wines sold on such platforms are selected by local French buyers who are certified in their domain and only the finest from the region are selected.

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