Thanking your colleagues after such a difficult year is perhaps now more important than ever. With staff undergoing tougher working environments (remote working) the challenges of the working day have become more and more difficult. So expressing just how grateful you are of their hard work and service throughout the year is essential. Some of the ways to express your gratitude are by: 

  • Sending them a personalised card 
  • Making time to talk about their career 
  • Offering a financial reward 
  • Offering a gift 

But what about something more unique? Something that they may have never done before? Something that will bring the teams physically back together again in order to collaborate freely and escape the world of virtual Zoom meetings and exchanges. Here at PlanetProvence we offer various gift services for the end of the year and to reward your much adored employees. 

PlanetProvence can provide: 

  • Personalised gifts 
  • Personalised team building events 
  • Boxes of wine … 

If you want to choose something more unique, rest assured, PlanetProvence has a unique track record of providing luxury wine tours in the South of France that go from Avignon all the way to Monaco and was created by Brice de Monplanet, an avid wine connoisseur and native Frenchman.  He strives to provide the most prestigious service and the best of Provence to all his clients sharing the secrets of the region. All the wines are chosen by Brice and are locally selected from local producers from the Provence region, these wines can come with chocolates, truffles, olive oils, lavender and so much more. You can contact PlanetProvence and ask for an updated list of the products available and even choose your preferred wine estates

Showing your appreciation with a package from Planet Provence is easy, so business looking to delight your staff, why not get in touch with us today to find out how you can book a tailor-made team-building event or order personalised gifts

Rewarding and thanking your teams has never been easier than with PlanetProvence. So get in touch with us today on our website